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User Group Summary: User Profiles – London, March 9th 2011

Good to see a lot of new faces joining those who came for another helping. As well as attendees from Law, Finance, IT, Manufacturing and Government we had a number of housing associations and a delegation from Citrix User Profile dev & tests team for our session around “User Profiles”. We covered two main topics:

  1. User Profiles Inside Out”  a Q&A session from Sepago’s IT Architect Helge Klein (http://www.sepago.de/helge/)
  2. Microsoft Roaming Profiles – They Suck”, a round-the-room-as-a-table-wasn’t-big-enough discussion on managing user profiles at the coal-face.

We also had a brief look at the new Virtual User Environment Manager product from Citrixtools.net and had a preview of a new comparison document “User Profile Management Smackdown”.

We are grateful to have had AppSense, RES Software and triCerat sponsor the event, and take part in our ‘speed presenting’ trial.

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