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UK Citrix User Group XVII Review: Fun in the Sun

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Building on our entitlement to drink beer or cider while having a meal the UK Citrix User Group made use of the weather and London’s 30 Euston Square’s very swank roof terrace to be all sophisticated. Thanks to our excellent sponsors (AppEnsure, AppSenseAtlantis Computing, eg Innovations ExtraHop, FS Logix, PernixData, Liquidware Labs, Nutanix,  UniDesk and Uniprint), this was the 17th free-to-attend user group meeting.


The Steering Group would like to thank all the presenters for their time, effort and engaging presentations: especially for those presenting for the first time. Thanks as ever to the 3D-realtime attendees for providing interesting and useful questions, and for attending; always great to meet and greet new faces (and there were lots this time) we look forward to seeing you again.  Thanks also to those attending on-line via Go-to-Webinar

Who attends UK Citrix User Group events? As a quick stats run down… it is mainly end users of attendees on the day but, you know here in the UK, we love to be inclusive :-

  • 72% end users/partners – we did see lots of new faces (looked to be almost half which was very interesting). Also nice to see old ones who made the trek down/across/up.
  • 9% from Citrix good to see you guys as always. As Jane Rimmer mentions in her review of the XVII UK Citrix User Group event a user group needs the support and focus from the vendor to be successful and we appreciate your contibution.
  • 19% came from a Sponsor
  • The rest put “other” for those of you who like completeness.

Again, thanks to our sponsors for this free-to-attend event, especially Liquidware for the very lovely lunch, Uniprint and Appensure for coffee and Atlantis Computing for the drinks at the end.

We covered…

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