Guidance for sponsors

We get asked many of the same questions by sponsors so we’ve drawn up some written guidance to help both sponsors and attendees get the best out of your visit.

What type of people attend your meetings?

We get a range of Citrix customers – typically technical/senior managers and sys-admins, occasionally some tech support/helpdesk with the odd sprinkle of director level: typically your influencer/evaluators and occasionally purchasers.

What product background do they have?

Most people will be reasonably technical, and will have used Citrix core XenApp product for many years. We are seeing a “new breed” of delegate focussing purely on desktop virtualisation having had no prior experience of XenApp.

What collateral should I bring?

Feel free to bring product brochures, give-aways (offering a prize for the best question always goes down well), NFR/demo licenses of your product. We usually have space for a single roll-up banner at most meetings, but please check with the steering group first.

Where will my company name be seen?

We have a dedicated page on our website for each meeting. Your logo, along with link to your own website, will appear on that page. We also operate an electronic ticketing system, and your logo will be included on the ticket confirmation emails sent to registered attendees.

We also run email campaigns to all past attendees and regular tweets in the month prior to the meeting date, and we’ll include you as meeting sponsors in those too.

What works well in a presentation?

If you’re a company that the audience are familiar with, you can probably delve right into a demo or detailing the new features of your latest release. If you’re a newcomer breaking into this area, give a brief overview of your product line and how you add value, then delve into the technical stuff.

Attendees generally aren’t interested in the fact you’re the third fastest growing company in x with a turnover of y and z employees. Leave that to the purchasing dept to cover as due diligence if someone ends up buying your product.

Do you need to review my slides?

We always prefer to review your slides, usually the week before the meeting, to ensure you are pitching your content at the right technical level so that everyone get’s the most from your session. We know what works well, and what hasn’t worked in the past, so we’re happy to advise on content for your session.

Can I join the rest of the sessions?

We welcome, indeed encourage, sponsors to join us for the other sessions and the afternoon round table. We think that spending quality “face time” listening to and talking with attendees is almost  as valueable as your session itself.

Can I join you for drinks after?

You’re welcome to join us and mingle with delegates for post-meeting drinks. You’re even more welcome if you bring your credit card 🙂