UK Citrix User Group: XXI – Welcome to the Jungle

Covering topics on SD-WAN, IoT, GDPR, Secure access, the state of the VDI/SBC union and the future of Citrix, this was our 21st event, and possibly our hotest ever. Thanks to our excellent sponsors Liquidware, Lakeside SoftwareFS Logix, Unicon Software, AppEsnure, Ivanti, Bitdefender, eg Innovations, ControlUp, 10Zig, Atrust, CloudhouseIgel and Dell this was, for all your keys-in-the-door, a free-to-attend meeting.

The UK Steering Group would like to thank all the presenters for their time, effort and engaging presentations: especially for those presenters presenting for the first time at our user group. Thanks to the 3D-realtime-non-augmented-VR attendees for providing insightful feedback especially for hurling some questions at Kevin: apologies for keeping the audio on during the afternoon tea-break. It is always splendid to meet and greet new faces as well as catch up with older hands.

Who attends UK Citrix User Group events? For XXI we had almost 120 registered and we had an excellent turnout on the day. It did fell as if there was some canny dipping in and out of sessions to nip back to the office if I’m not mistaken, which I think we should file under “agile working”.

Again, thanks to our sponsors for this free-to-attend event. Significantly, fsLogix for the lovely lunch and post event beers, and Unicon Software for refreshments.

We covered…

Citrix News

Since we last got together, Citrix Synergy had happened. You can catch up on most of the sessions on demand here. So the “news” borrowed heavily from our friends at the Irish Citrix User Group as we talked through a move towards greater use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bring about new analytics services, and enhance Citrix’s offerings in delivering a secure digitial workspace. We touched on the new Consulting Security Practice, the upcoming Analytics Service, and the Secure Web Browser; features in XenApp 7.14(.1); NetScaler 12; the progress of the freshly minted Citrix Ready HCI Workspace program; which features were actually new in XenServer 7.2; XenApp and XenDesktop Essentials and the newly released Citrix Optimiser a Windows tool to help Citrix administrators optimise various components in their environment, most notably operating system with Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) which you can take a look at here.

The Great SD-Wan Bake Off, Lessons from the Field

 Al Taylor Director at CloudDNA brought a smidgen of Florida to a cool London day with a reprise of his recent Synergy session.

SD-WAN is one of the hottest topics in the industry, and Al took separating the facts from the marketing fiction to task andgave tips on evaluating which SD-WAN vendor will help you deliver the best user experience in your environment. From packet trips to performance monitoring, routing to roll-out, this was a session packed with SD-WAN test data gathered from real-world customer bake-offs. Hopefully Al will be back with more NetScaler goodness for future sessions.

Download the session deck

 FSLogix Logo

Nigel Woods, Lead Technical Consultant for EMEA talked through how FSLogix can help enabling profiles and Office 365 to work in a Citrix Deployment.

You can download the deck here

GDPR – a Techie’s Perspective

  One of Houghton-le-Spring’s finest CTAs, James Rankin, gave flesh to CTP Jim Moyle‘s comprehensive rant on the laxness of Virgin Train’s data handling to deliver an insightful talk on security, GDPR, data handling and its impact to you and your business.

You can download the deck here

Secure Remote Access in an Untrusted World

You can’t keep a good man down. Fresh from winning his game of dominoes with Death, Steve Atkinson, Technical Director at PhireServe, talked through problems that those providing “access anywhere” can have with the data and access security from unmanaged devices and how those problems can be addressed.

You can download the deck here

Beyond the Talking Fish: Understanding Hardware Trends fort Serious IoT

Rachel Berry, fresh in her new role as Senior Marketing Manager for Automotive, Embedded and IoT at ARM, talked through the impact of enabling an Internet of Things (IoT) can, and has, had on security and infrastructure. She went on to explain what enterprises need in IoT hardware and put the fun in functional safety.

You can download the deck here


The Trials of Citrix and EUC in a Multi-National Law Firm

The UK Citrix User group is focused on helping you engage with the rest of the Citrix community, to help learn and share experiences and understanding.

You’re more than welcome to come along to the sessions and heckle at the end about licensing as much as you like. You can also build on that and Bring Your Own Session (BYOS) on the UK Citrix User Group BYOS link. Which is what Luke did.

Luke Dynowski, an End User Compute Manager and self-confessed miserable bastard talked through his experiences delivering a range of EUC services, including Citrix. How services were configured, what was challenging, how they’d solved particular problems  – what annoyed him and what excited him.

Click here to download the presentation.

VDI/SBC State of the Nation Survey Results

For our 20th event  when Mark Plettenberg, product manager at LoginVSI, talked through the impact of tuning Windows 2016 and Windows 10, we recommended contributing to the hopefully-annual VDILikeAPro State of the Nation VDI/SBC Survey.

In this session, Mark talked through some of the results of that survey giving insight into system satisfaction, biggest challenges, operating systems, enterprise file sharing systems and much, much more with a specific context leaning for those in the UK.

You can download the deck here


Dave Johnson, UK Sales Manager for Liquidware, talked through the three key solutions of Monitoring, Management and Optimisation and gave context with an interesting customer case study.

You can download the deck here

Global Trends in EUC and the Future of the Enterprise Desktop

Always a pleasure to have Kevin Goodman come and speak at the user group and it was indeed, great to have him back.

While Kevin is CEO of FSLogix, he has been involved with delivering and optimising Citrix services for a number of years and brought that experience and insight to bear in an entertaining and frank discussion, without shame on wider trends in the future of Enterprise desktop, wider application licensing impact on VDI, the cost of mobility and the future of Citrix.

You can download the deck here

Round Table:

Back in the day we used to sit around a table. We’re too big for that now – so now we make presenters come to the front and stand and be heckled en masse: what a fine looking bunch.

We talked through things that Citrix Could Do Better – which included, but was not limited to, being cheaper, being better at physical desktops, testing and greater clarity on licensing – specifically in the access to and use of Workspace Cloud and NetScaler when you want to utilise the ability to scale up and down dynamically.  One of the themes at Synergy, and in Citrix marketing is “Cloud First” – one thing I took away from talking to people at Synergy is that, that “Cloud First” message caused confusion and doubt. During the RT, we talked about problems of enabling cloud services around scale and access/delivery of the control plane – with people drawing on their own experiences of delivering services today. There was some good insight here and hopefully we can address/expand on that in future meetings.

And that was that.

If you were wondering, “can I download all the links in handy file” the answer is “yes“. Use this link. If you’d like an alternative view of the event you can read what Jane Rimmer, virtualisation experts’ expert, thought of the dark side.

Again, thanks to our sponsors Liquidware, Lakeside SoftwareFS Logix, Unicon Software, AppEsnure, Ivanti, Bitdefender, eg Innovations, ControlUp, 10Zig, Atrust, CloudhouseIgel and Dell

It’s a goal of the user group to share ideas and information. If you see a pertinent presentation, if you plug into a wonderful webinar, if you’ve done something you simply want to share then the UK Citrix User Group exists to help you. One person can make a difference, and everyone should try. Be like Luke and dip your toe in the first-time-presenting-at-a-user-group pool. I know at least two people who were keen once they got a couple of post-event beers in them.. oh yes, I remember, don’t think you can get away with it.

Join us on Twitter where our lists now includes links to all those who have presented. Share with us at up and coming events, or on our LinkedIn group or on our Citrix User Group Community forum.


Thanks, and see you in September.

UK Citrix User Group Steering Group.