UK Citrix User Group XIX Review: Civilised Engineering

Thanks to our excellent sponsors (AppEnsureExtraHopLiquidware LabsNutanix, Uniprint, AppSenseAtlantis Computing, eg Innovations  FS Logix and UniDesk) this was, yet again, a free-to-attend meeting.


The Steering Group would like to thank all the presenters for their time, effort and engaging presentations: especially for those presenting for the first time at the user group. Thanks to the 3D-realtime-non-augmented-VR attendees for providing insightful feedback and great questions. It is always splendid to meet and greet new faces. We had more chairs this time with your own special little desk: see, we do read the feedback forms.  Thanks also to those attending on-line via Go-to-Webinar. We a couple of niggles early doors, but also a fancy new microphone that just about survived the event unbroken, hopefully that helped.


Who attends UK Citrix User Group events? For XVIX over 110 registered and we had about 70% turn up on the day – with a number of on-the-door registrations (which is always possible btw). It is mainly end users of attendees on the day but, you know here in the UK, we enjoy inclusivity. Of those attending  :-

  • 70% end users/partners – we did see lots of new faces (looked to be about a third). Thanks to the experienced hands who made the trek down/across/up and for the select group who caught a cheeky mid-session pint, but still came back.
  • 10% from Citrix. As always, good to see you – especially during the Interesting Licensing and Value Questions that came up in the Round Table. A user group needs the support and focus from the vendor to be successful and we appreciate your contribution. All being well we could well have a special event in 2017, focused on meeting with the engineering teams directly. I’ve likely already said to much… LOOK..! Over there! Its a squirrel!
  • 1% came from Sponsors
  • The rest put “other” for those of you who like completeness.

Again, thanks to our sponsors for this free-to-attend event, especially Liquidware for the lovely lunch which had some great pie, and Appensure for refreshment and Extrahop for the post-event drinks and eats.

We covered…

Citrix News

For this event, the news was going to be short because while Citrix have likely been busy since our XVIII event they hadn’t quite finished yet. Maybe we should’ve talked about our own Neil Spellings’ trip to the US for the mycugc forum in his advisor role on the Steering Committee: we should do that in XX because there was some good stuff there. We talked about improved financial results, our growth in and an interesting survey/report commissioned by Citrix . The report discussed how modern business innovations rely on digital transformation, and went on to advoate that not having a strategy or engagement policy can leave you behind. You can download Digital or Die? British Boardrooms Divided on Digital Transformation – well worth a read.


 Extrahop logo
ExtraHop talked about their ability to look at wire data, and how they have evolved this beyond passive analysis.

As soon as I track down the deck you can download it.

An EUC journey and current challenges in the insurance world…How Citrix and Other Technology Helps.

dalecylyyt7xgaa_xeb The UK Citrix User group is focused on helping you engage with the rest of the Citrix community, to help learn and share experiences and understanding.

You can Bring Your Own Session (BYOS) on the UK Citrix User Group BYOS link. Which is what Dale Steggles did.

Dale talked about his ten year experience in the insurance sector using a stack including technologies from Microsoft, Citrix, AppSense and RES to support an environment that went from delivering services to 450 users to one that delivered to over 1200. And his dad was watching.

A very useful presentation and well worth a review. If you enjoyed it, or are wondering how you can share given the season – I’m sure Dale would appreciate a donation to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Download the session deck

Load testing in an RDS environment

2016-12-01-10-22-45 Samuel Legrand, an independent IT consultant and one of the team delivering the French Citrix User Group, presented for his second time at the UK Citrix User Group (last time being XVII).

Samuel talked about his experiences with LoginVSI in a large (4000+) user environment. How to tweak testing for best validation, things to watch out for. Importantly, how load testing was used now only to validate the environment pre-production, but was used regularly to re-test the environment on a regular basis.

You can download the deck here


 Nutanix Logo
Peter Grant talked through Nutanix’s place in re-platforming the enterprise datacenter and their innovation at the speed of cloud.

You can download the deck here

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Citrix User Environment Management, and then some

Pierre Marmignon is a Principal Architect at Citrix who is in charge of the new User Environment capabilities from the recent acquisition of Norskale  as well as User Profile Management.

This session talked about how Norskale has been transitioned into the Citirx eco-system, when it will be available, how it is licensed. Possibly too much information for a slightly delayed release – but look he’s got a flag that some idiot Englishman put up the wrong way round – the buffoon.

Pierre last presented back in 2014 (IX), hopefully we’ll not have to wait until XXIX  to see him again.



 UniPrint Logo
Martin Painter presented on the problems and demands of printing, his favourite graphic, and UniPrint Infinity’s driver management, print-from-mobile-device capability and how it can free up tech resource by solving print focused workflow problems.

You can download the presentation here


How to Create a GUI for your Powershell script

2016-12-01-12-40-53 Citrix Technology Professional Jim Moyle  joined us, yet again (UK CUG events passim) to give his insights from developing GUI interfaces to PowerShell scripts. In his live-demo example he showed creating a GUI for a script to retrieve pictures from twitter handles – which you can access here

Click here to download the presentation.


Stuart Kennedy talked through the Citrix User Experience dashboards and consolidated view capability that is available as the eg Innovations End User Environment rating

You can download the deck here

GPU – state of the reunion. When to vGPU or bare metal or go all in on Cloud

2016-12-01-14-30-09 Citrix Technology Professional Thomas Poppelgaard  joined us again (XII) to talk through offerings from Intel, nVidia and AMD – how you can use them, the impact they can have and the where we’re at with Virtual and Augmented reality in EUC



Pain in the WaaS?:Finally the *final* word on Windows 10:

James Rankin (UK CUG events passim) was joined by UK CUG newbie presenter Kevin Howell to discuss dealing with Windows 10’s perpetual migration cycle using the medium of the North East’s many and varied accents and some possibly suspicious survey results.

You can download the deck here


How Happy is a Happy User? Practical Tips on Quantifying User Experience

 cymyk3exuae99-j Citrix Technology Professionals Andrew Wood and Jim Moyle built on themes presented earlier in the day by Stuart and Samuel in discussing practical tips on quantifying user experience, and why that is important for your helping your business today. Looking at technology products from Appensure, Control-Up, Lakeside Software, LoginVSI,  Octoinsight and UberAgent they talked through continual monitoring and what to consider when trying to measure and quantify “user experience”.

Thanks to Bart for the augmented picture.

You can download the deck here


Round Table:

We discussed the implication for the upcoming Software Maintenance changes and the impact for customers and partners. We talked about highs and lows for 2016 with highs being the Microsoft Citrix announcement on cloud services and the Norskale acquistion, with lows being the more regular cadence of releases, the new software maintenance changes and the personnel changes.

And that was that.


If you were wondering, “can I download all the links in handy file” the answer is “yes“. Use this link.

Again, thanks to our sponsors AppEnsureExtraHopLiquidware LabsNutanix, Uniprint, AppSenseAtlantis Computing, eg Innovations  FS Logix and UniDesk.

Keep an eye/ear out for more details on our events in 2017: our goal is approximately four events a year. We’re still open to suggestions for next year as 2016 comes to a close, by all means get in touch.

It’s a goal of the user group to share ideas and information. Therefore, if you see a pertinent presentation, if you plug into a wonderful webinar, if you’ve done something you simply want to share then the UK Citrix User Group exists to help you. One person can make a difference, and everyone should try. Be like Dale.

Join us on Twitter where our lists now includes links to all those who have presented. Share with us at up and coming events, or on our LinkedIn group or on our Citrix User Group Community forum.


Thanks, and see you 2017.

UK Citrix User Group Steering Group.