UK Citrix User Group XVI-Spring into Edinburgh

The Citrix UK User Group XVI was held in Edinburgh. We are now legally entitled to drink beer or cider while having a meal (as long as someone else buys it). Which is handy, because thanks to our excellent sponsors (AppEnsure, AppSenseAtlantis ComputingExtraHop, FS Logix, PernixData, Liquidware Labs, UniDesk and Uniprint) that was exactly the case. We’re also entitled to fly a glider: which is nice.


The Steering Group would like to thank all the presenters for their time, effort and engaging presentations: even if some of those were practice runs for Citrix Synergy. It was an absolute pleasure to host our first session in Scotland. Thanks to the elders of Edinburgh for organising all of the different types of weather to give a full view of the delights that Scotland can give.  Thanks also to the 3D-realtime attendees for providing interesting and useful questions, and for attending; always great to meet and greet new faces and we look forward to seeing you again. We appreciate the feedback from all those who made the arduous amble from Glasgow. To those 20+ on-line – appreciate the hellos when we asked, and apologies for phasing in and out. We had audio facilities but our national grid interface was faulty so likely you missed a chunk of the afternoon. If I said it was awesome that’s not going to help, so I won’t.

Who are the Big Heroes at the UK Citrix User Group events? Quick stats run down… it is mainly end users of attendees on the day but, you know here in the UK, we love to be inclusive. For our first event in Scotland :-

  • 70% end users/partners – up from the last event and of course outside of London we do see lots of new faces. But some old ones who made the trek down, glad we could help make your journey home shorter.
  • 10% from Citrix – down from the last event – although, bless them, a lot of new ex-Citrix employees turned up anyways and contributed as if they were. Kudos.
  • 15% came from a vendor – although the slide which came up said 10%. No one spotted the maths didn’t add up; or were too polite. Given it was Edinburgh I’m going for the latter.
  • The rest put “other” for those of you who like completeness.

Again, thanks to our sponsors (AppEnsure, AppSenseAtlantis ComputingExtraHop, FS Logix, PernixData, Liquidware Labs, UniDesk and Uniprint) for this free-to-attend event, the very lovely lunch, and drinks at the end.  I’ll admit we do challenge our presenting sponsors by giving them a 15 minute slot, but well done to Atlantis Computing and Pernix Data for focusing their content to fit the time, and an extra mention to Pernix Data for their excellent giveaway – Ross, its in the post.

We covered…

Citrix News Update

Given Citrix Synergy is around the corner there’s been some stuff – but not a lot of stuff. If you are attending Synergy consider your application for the GeekOvation event.

That said, what was interesting was the lack of desire to attend Synergy from the attendees. I can understand, this isn’t isn’t Scottish parsimony at play, a lot of non-US Citrix core market users struggle to justify the cost of attending to their business. There is a strong desire for a European focused event. It’d be great to see that happen. In the meanwhile, we’ll do what we can as part of the Citrix User Group Community to provide a more local interactive forum.

2016-04-27 10.41.48

We covered our continued growth ( go us) not only in terms of new faces in Scotland but on; looked at the revenue growth for Citrix. XenDesktop 7.8 XenApp 7.8 is officially out now we covered – we also covered EOL for Melio, VDI-in-a-Box and if you’re running 6.5 XenApp keep up-to-date with your Subs

2016-04-26 19.36.16

Sunshine and snow at the same time

You can download agenda from here. And if you’re wondering why Big Hero 6 features, lets play Robot Song..


Notes from the field #1 : Deploying XenApp 7.6 bare metal on HP Moonshot

2016-04-27 10.18.51 Neil Spellings talked through his experiences with HP Moonshot, handed out some blades, suggested how you’d ignore Citrix PVS and why his search history contains minor celebrities.

Download the session deck

Notes from the field #2 : Deploying XenApp on Amazon Web Services Shaun Ritchie (Community session)

its an awful picture, really sorry about it - I'll take a camera next time

its an awful picture, really sorry about it – I’ll take a camera next time

AWS, – cheaper than on-rem or not? Ever a hot topic and Shaun Ritchie talks through his experiences with this very thing and shows how to, and to how not keep your AWS keys secure.

You can download the deck here


 Atlantis Logo Brian Stewart talked through the benefits of the software defined storage solution that Atlantis Computing provides including their Citrix focused Workspace licensing. In addition Brian covered Citrix focused LoginVSI stats for Atlantis Computing’s HyperScale appliances.

You can download the deck here


Over the Edge – using Microsoft’s new browser on XenDesktop

2016-04-27 11.54.26

if you thought the pic for Shaun was bad, I raise my “bad pic” stakes here

James Rankin presented what the early polls suggest was the most instructive session. Not just about Microsoft Edge but also the complexities of delivering a Windows 10 desktop to the enterprise, regardless of it being virtualised.

Click here to download the deck


App Layering: Andrew Morgan

2016-04-27 12.42.38

I don’t apply filters, but if you could apply filters to make a photo look like this, the filter name would be”mushed”


It’s always endearing at a community event for others outside of “the local community” to attend and help give a different perspective. We had a number of people attend from outside of the UK and we thank them for their contributions.

Andrew Morgan presented and talked through his experiences and thoughts on the state of the market for application virtualization and layering.

You can download the deck here



James Smith talked through how Pernixdata can help eliminate guess work for storage delivery through hardware agnostic real-time VM and storage analytics

You can download the deck here


Preventing Poor Performance on PVS

2016-04-29_10-57-10 Jim Moyle and Andrew Wood gave their upcoming Citrix Synergy a test drive by talking through how you can Prevent Poor Performance on PVS. This session including a look at tools to monitor RAM+HDD cache usage, and hows and what’s with ASLR

Click here to download the deck 

Citrix Workspace Cloud

2016-04-27 15.08.44 Toby Brown from Citrix gave an introduction to Citrix Workspace Cloud and worked through use cases and considerations for using the service to reduce the complexity of your Citrix service delivery.

Click here for the slidedeck 


Citrix ShareFile Enterprise Update

 2016-04-27 15.43.29 Citrix Newbie Matt Nolan talked though what 2015 did for Citrix ShareFile including Office 365 integration and data loss prevention and a look at what 2016 will bring including Information Rights Management

Click here for the slidedeck 


Fireside chat and Q&A with a Citrix CTO

 fireside We were joined by 50% of Citrix CTOs Christian Reilly who talked though where Citrix were going, the outcomes of recent changes and the renewed focus and direction that management changes had brought about.


Round Table:

Its very useful to have the opportunity to put questions directly to Christian, but he had four questions of his own that drove the Round Table discussion (which you can contribute to via the mycugc UK User group forum, or on the UK Citrix User Group on LinkedIn ):

  • Windows 10: is Windows 10 affecting decisions to virtualize more applications? Will Microsoft’s OS drive more to use VDI, or will it remove demand?
  • Skype for Business will increasing demand for this application drive more demand for XenApp or XenDesktop? What end points are in use for virtualised Skype?
  • Browser Citrix are trialling a Secure Browser Service which you can access via  Workspace Cloud. Is XenApp being used to deliver such services today and is this demand (for secure browsers) growing?
  • Sites and Zones what is the ideal number of sites and zones per site?

And that was that.

You can download all the decks at once from this link. Did I not mention that earlier and you’ve downloaded them all individually?…my bad.

Again, thanks to our sponsors AppEnsure, AppSenseAtlantis ComputingExtraHop, FS Logix, PernixData, Liquidware Labs, UniDesk and Uniprint

Future user group meetings in 2016 should be as follows:-

  • 6 July – London
  • 29 Sept – London
  • 31 Nov or 1 Dec – London

Keep an eye/ear out for more details. Our goal is approximately four events a year, we’re open to suggestions. Regardless of the venue, hope to see you there.

It’s a goal of the user group to share ideas and information. If you see a pertinent presentation, if you plug into a wonderful webinar, if you’ve done something you simply want to share then the UK Citrix User Group exists to help you distribute that resource by having a place to discuss it with your peers. One person can make a difference, and everyone should try: we’re happy to help.

Join us on Twitter where our lists now includes links to all those who have presented. Share with us at up and coming events, or on our LinkedIn group or on our Citrix User Group Community forum, we look forward to interacting with you in realtime-3D or otherwise.


Thanks, and see you July.

UK Citrix User Group Steering Group.

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