UK Citrix User Group is all about community and IT can help

The UK Citrix User Group is about a community coming together to share ideas and experiences to learn and help each other. We have a lot of very experienced and knowledgeable individuals regularly contributig and sharing – the UK Citrix User Group has a great pool of talent.

In terms of community, IT Can Help is a charitable organisation who look to provide a network of volunteers who are able to offer free local computer assistance to disabled people. The aim is provide a service to diagnose and fix most computer related problems; Install and set-up hardware, software, internet, email and accessibility settings.

The charity is looking to grow their volunteer workforce. Who better to ask than talented individuals like you? You’d be committing to a couple of hours on an occasional basis to give someone a hand with your expertise: or more if you feel inclined.

By all means, find out more about IT Can Help, and how you can help