February meeting: Is the desktop just another application? – 29/02/12 10:00

Is the desktop just another application?

Building on Daniel Feller’s recent blog post (http://blogs.citrix.com/2011/12/05/the-desktop-is-just-another-application/)

We’ll be looking at the Citrix Flexcast model, to discuss the effectiveness (or not) of the sum of the parts: and importantly – how do you manage that (we’ve a couple of sponsors attending who can perhaps assist there)

“If the solution doesn’t feel natural, it won’t work.” …so how do you position your desktop services so that it feels natural and delivers business benefits?

Does delivering full virtual desktops to iPads really provide a usable platform for your users? What are the main differences between Citrix’ two main products, XenApp and XenDesktop in terms of user experience.

Daniel will join us via GotoMeeting after lunch to lead the discussion on his post and answer any architecture and design questions his post raises. This leads nicely into our popular round table session when everyone get’s the opportunity to get their opinion across and questions answered.

Finally, join us for drinks at a nearby hostelry to reflect on the days discussions.

Provisional Agenda

10:00 Registration & coffee

10:30 Welcome & introductions
10:45 David Gaunt – Citrix Systems Engineer “Flexcast engineering for the end user”

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 Application Delivery Strategy. Cutting through the “wow-to-how” (Chris Marks/Lee Wynn)
12:30 Delivering the Dynamic Workplace (Matrix 42)

12:50 Lunch (thanks to our sponsors)

14:30 Daniel Feller – Citrix lead architect  – Is the desktop just another application? Q&A 
14:50 Roundtable discussion – XenApp or XenDesktop – how do you choose between your children?

15:40 Coffee break

15:55 Finding performance bottlenecks in your Desktop Virtualisation implementation (egInnovations)
16:15 Liquidware Labs – desktop transformation
16:35 XenApp Desktop Experience demo – Neil Spellings

17:00 Wrap up
17:30 Drinks


The central London venue is approx 10min walk from London Victoria rail, tube and bus station.

The Wellington Hotel
71 Vincent Square

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Liquidware Labs

Matrix 42

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