Citrix UK User Group Welcomes E2E Virtualisation Conference Delegates: Sustenance

The E2E Virtualization Conference is a non-commercial,virtualization community Event with a main goal to bring the best virtualization experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections.

E2E is a weekend crammed with presentations, Master Classes and discussions delivered by both virtualization vendors product teams and independent experts. You can find out more about the conference here.

A number of members of the Citrix UK User Group will be attending. We look forward to meeting you. As a resource for all attendees the Citrix UK User Group is putting together a short series of guides to London.

Second up, Sustenance.

Near the Venue
The conference venue is at the Novotel Excel, which has its own conviently placed restaurant and bar. However, if you’d like alternatives near by, here’s a list (although bear in mind, the Boulevard dining is part of the Excel conference centre)

Also quite handy, is the useful interactive map to give you a sense of where you are.


Not so Near, but not too far

Head west for a trip to the City of London’s new shiny, brash progeny Canary Wharf for a range of reassuringly expensive restuarants, bars and cafes. There’s a decent Wagammas here, and I’m partial to the Spanish bar/restaurant Camino or the Argentinian Gaucho, chains both true – but very good ones.

Head north up to Stratford where you’ve either a choice of authenticate English town centre night-life – King Eddies ( worthy of a visit. Alternatively,¬† try the Olympian splendour of the new, still-smelling-of-paint Westfield Stratford City ( where besides a wide range of gift emporiums there’s an impressive food court & multiplex cinema.

Or, take a slightly south-east journey over to either the O2 Arena, for the concert/cinema venue’s undercover range of eateries. Alternatively, try the more fulfilling and wider choice that the good people of Greenwich can offer – with a personal recommendation being the Trafalgar Tavern and the Cafe Sol. Or, visit the Meantime Brewing Company. Decent market selling a variety of artisan products on a Sunday as well if I recall.


Further Away

Head west to the lights of the City of London itself. Liverpool St or Whitechapel tube stations will drop you off not too far from a good range of bars and restaurants such as those in and around Spitalfields¬† and the vigourously offered delights of Brick Lane’s curry houses (

Alternatively, Southwark and Waterloo give you an equally interesting set of options

You can of course, choose to push on to Westminster, or up to Kings Cross, Covent garden and Soho – each with their own wide range of restuarants and bars but they’re a good 40+ minutes journey away from the venue.

Note: you can’t drink alcohol on public transport in London.

Traditional London Food

London’s food doesn’t come any more traditional – or tasty – than good old pie and mash. Locally caught eels were the usual pie filling but they have been gradually replaced by minced beef. Pie, mash and eel houses have been around in London since the 18th Century.

Today, eels are still served, either stewed or jellied, and with or without pie and mash. The essential accompaniment is green ‘liquor’ – a salty, parley-based ‘gravy’ – or chilli vinegar for extra pep. Want to try?