Useful Citrix Links

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only useful site for resources to help you architect and manage your Citrix environment. Below you’ll find a list of other sites that provide useful resources.

If you come across any additional sites, or find that one has gone to the great recycling bin in the sky – or just generally would like to pass comment on how useful (or not) you found one of the links, drop us a line and we’ll update the resource


Alexander Ervik Johnsen
Brian Madden
Benny Tritsch
Carl Webster
Citrix Blogs
Citrix Developer Network
Citrix eDocs (Documentation)
Citrix IRC Chat
Citrix Knowledge Center
Citrix Labs
Citrix TV
Citrix XenClient Central
Citrix XenDesktop Design Handbook
Citrix XenDesktop FAQ for Personal vDisk
Citrix XenServer Central
CitrixThings http://
Daniel Feller
Daniele Tosatto
Douglas Brown
Henry Louwers
Jarian Gibson
Jason Conger
Jim Moyle
MTM Citrix Consultants Blog
Neil Spellings
Network Throughput and Performance Guide
Rok Strnisa How to Tweak the $!@# Out of XenServer
Ruben Spruijt (PQR)
Shawn Bass
Simon Bramfitt
Thomas Koetzing
Thin Client.Net
Thin Computing.Com
Virtualization Jedi (Paul Wilson)
XenApp Blog
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