Recommended Training Videos

Even experts don’t know it all. It is always useful to keep an open mind on learning about something new, or looking at a problem in a different way. No matter if you’re an old hand wanting to learn new tricks, or someone just starting out wanting to learn any tricks at all, this page gives a list of training videos and resource to helpĀ  you get up-to-speed with Citrix products and tools.

If you come across any additional sites, or find that one has gone to the great recycling bin in the sky – or just generally would like to pass comment on how useful (or not) you found one of the links, drop us a line and we’ll update the resource


Description Resource
Citrix TVXenServer Master Class “In The Beginning”
XenServer 101 Master Class
XenServer Master Class -Overview and Scalability
XenServer Master Class -Storage Technologies
XenServer master Class -Networking
XenServer Master Class -High Availability and Disaster Recovery
XenDesktop Master Class -Master Class Part 1
XenDesktop Master Class -Master Class Part 2
XenDesktop Master Class -Master Class Part 3
SYN 319: Mastering User Profiles in Virtual Desktop Environments
Synergy Live 2011