Citrix Trouble Shooting Tools

Citrix Support have been developing tools to help troubleshooting your Citrix services for many years now. Below you will find a list of tools available from Citrix Support along with links to useful resources.

If you come across any additional tools, or come across/write a blog describing your experiences, or discover/create a video of the tools in action – please drop us a line and we’ll update the resource


CTX Article Troubleshooting Tool Citrix TV Link Related Product
CTX121564 XenServer Database Tool XS
CTX125365 XenServer Workload Balancing Administration Tool XS
CTX111961 CDFControl Video 01 XD, XA
CTX120323 XenDesktop 3.0 Client Identity Utilities XD
CTX123058 HDX Experience Monitor for XenDesktop XD
CTX123058 HDX Experience Monitor for XenDesktop Video XD
CTX123278 XDPing Tool Video 01 XD
CTX124012 XenDesktop Session Parser XD
CTX124379 XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent Troubleshooting Utility XD
CTX124963 XenDesktop 4 Client Identity Pack XD
CTX127257 XenDesktop 5 SQL Profiler Template XD
CTX109374 StressPrinters 1.3.2 for 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms XA,XD
CTX110341 CtxHideEx32 XA,XD
CTX111068 MessageHistory XA,XD
CTX111901 TestWER (Test Windows Error Reporting) XA,XD
CTX113472 Citrix ICA File Creator XA,XD
CTX122204 SysPool Tool XA,XD
CTX122450 Citrix Port Check Utility XA,XD
CTX122962 Citrix Printing Tool XA,XD
N/A Citrix Troubleshooting As A Service Video 1 XA,XD
CTX124577 CDFMarker On Demand – For XenApp & XenDesktop XA, XD
CTX12481 DSRepCheck – SQL Replication Test Tool for XenApp 6 XA 6
CTX106232 DSView XA 4.5
CTX118693 Migrate to SQL Express XA 4.5
CTX124406 DSCHECK – XenApp Data Store Checker Tool Commands XA (>=4.5)
CTX107800 DSCHECK Version 5.15 – For Presentation Server 4.0 XA (<=4.0)
CTX106226 Repair Clipboard Chain 2.0.1 XA
CTX106317 Query DC XA
CTX106985 WindowHistory 4.0 for 32-bit platforms XA
CTX107935 MedEvac 2.5 XA
CTX108542 ADSCleaner 2.0 XA
CTX108825 Citrix DumpCheck Explorer Extension version 1.4 XA
CTX108890 Citrix DumpCheck Utility (Command Line) version 1.4 XA
CTX109235 WindowHistory64 4.0 for x64 platforms XA
CTX110629 PDBFinder for 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms XA
CTX111072 SystemDump 3.1 for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms XA
CTX111408 ProcessHistory v1.1 for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms XA
CTX111656 SQL Replication Test Tool Version 4.2 XA
CTX113046 ScreenHistory 1.0 for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms XA
CTX114179 TSUserLog XA
CTX11491 DSInfo 1.2 XA
CTX116063 XenAppPrep Integration Utility for XenApp and Provisioning Services XA
CTX116474 Print Detective Video 1 XA
CTX116532 JetTest XA
CTX117330 CTX_SmaUser Re-creation Tool XA
CTX119955 CTXReports XA
CTX120629 Citrix Profiler Template for SQL 2000 XA
CTX120630 Citrix Profiler Template for SQL 2005 XA
CTX121339 XenApp Template for BGInfo XA
CTX122568 Edgesight Load Testing XenApp Using Office 2007 XA
CTX122741 CDFAnalyzer XA
CTX123197 Health Monitoring and Recovery Test Pack XA
CTX124406 DSCHECK -XenApp Data Store Checker Tool Commands XA
CTX124446 LBDiag – XenApp 6 Load Balancing Diagnostic Tool XA
CTX124805 XenApp Console Discovery Repair XA
CTX124918 SsOnExpert – Single Sign-On XenApp Plug-in Troubleshooting Tool XA
CTX124949 Citrix Logoff Sessions 2.2 XA
CTX125471 XenApp 6 Migration Tool Video 1 XA
CTX123005 Citrix UPM Log Parser UPM
CTX121355 Enabling Remote Installation for Citrix Receiver Receiver
CTX124811 CtxCPMDiag -For Password Manager Agent PM
CTX119347 Client IP Extraction Module -ISAPI – For NetScaler NS
CTX121568 NetScaler CPU Usage Conditional Profiler NS
CTX121569 NetScaler CPU tight-loop (LCT) monitor NS
CTX122317 NSconmsg to Excel Tool NS
CTX122318 Wireshark for Netscaler NS
CTX124446 MFCOM to Powershell Script Searcher MFCOM
CTX111344 Citrix License Path Utility LIC
CTX123935 CtxsLicChk -Citrix License Check Utility LIC
CTX122146 Edgesight Database Size Estimation Tool ES
CTX122536 Citrix Quick Launch Citrix Online plug-in v11 and later
CTX111343 Endpoint Analysis Antivirus Scan Package Autoupdate Scripts CAG
CTX110775 WindowHistory Mobile Version 2.2