Summer news

Whilst you’re sitting on the beach, squinting at your iPad and wishing you’d bough a Kindle, here’s a quick update on what we’ve got planned for the Autumn.

Northern meeting

We’re teaming up with the Virtual Machine User Group (VMUG) for a joint Northern meeting on October 11th in Leeds. A few of the steering group are travelling up to present on range of topics. For full details of the agenda, see the VMUG website.

Synergy Discount

We’re expecting details this week, so keep your eye on your in-boxes. We’re not allowed to post the details on the public site, so if you’ve not yet registered, do so now!

We’re also in discussions with the organisers on a special user group event at Synergy.

E2E/PubForum Discount

Alex has kindly offered UK Citrix user group members a 10% discount of their already low registration fees. Agenda details now online

Next London meeting

We’re starting to think up possible agenda items for our next London meeting in November. We’ll of course look at some of the announcements made at Synergy, and hopefully take a look at any new code we can get our hands on. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the forums, or reply to this post directly.