User Group Videos: November 17th 2010

Thanks again to those who attended the first Citrix User Group UK meeting on November 17th – and for those of you who couldn’t attend (or couldn’t be bothered) we’ve captured the majority of the content on video.

Firstly a personal apology – the camera wasn’t placed brilliantly (by me) as there’s a very loud fan in the projector above. You’ll have to turn up your speakers to hear all of the enlightening discussion, especially from the quieter attendees (not me).

Secondly, at the next meeting we’ll aim to capture the group attending for a discussion, not just the front of the room. Genuinely, if you are interested to hear the fascinating and informative XenApp 6.0 discussion, you can play the video on YouTube and listen to it – there isn’t much to see outside Chris Marks smart shirt on the left, and my scruffy haircut on the right.

The meeting covered two main topics; an open discussion “XenApp 6 – why has its adoption been slow” and a presentation from Aaron Parker ( on “An (un)biased look at Microsoft App-V vs. Citrix Application Streaming“. The videos are not advertised on YouTube, you can link to them from here.

Obviously the videos are split into bite-sized chunks for YouTube publishing.

XenApp 6.0 discussion 1

XenApp 6.0 discussion 2

XenApp 6.0 discussion 3

Aaron on streaming 1

Aaron on streaming 2

Aaron on streaming 3

Aaron on streaming 4

Don’t forget, the Citrix UK User Group is on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @citrixuguk



  1. Thanks for posting up Andy, will have a look at these later.